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Referral to and from MHS

We accept referrals on an ongoing basis. A potential patient can self refer, or refer by a loved one, or by professional caregivers, or by school staff (if a student).  Information to be collected during the time of referral include, but not limited to: patientís name, address, contact phone number, date of birth, social security number, date of referral, person/agency/practitioner making the referral, and the reason for the referral. Feel free to download our referral form, complete and fax to (215) 253-5305



If an active patient is to be referred outside of MHS for services that cannot be provided by MedNet Healthcare Systems or if it is in the best interest of the patient to transfer services to another facility, the clinician who has primary responsibility for the care of the patient shall initiate the transfer after evaluation of the patient by a psychiatrist.  At that time, arrangements will be made to expedite the patientís transfer to receive more appropriate clinical services.


MHS clinician will be responsible for contacting the agency that the referral is being made to.  It is the responsibility of the clinician to obtain appropriate releases of information and to forward any necessary discharge information shared with another agency for the purpose of outgoing referral.


At MedNet Healthcare Systems you can be rest assured that your loved one would be cared for adequately. Download our referral form, complete and fax to (215) 253-5305


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