Non-Profit Outpatient Clinic

A 501(C) (3) Approved Facility


Providing Mental Health/Behavioral Health as well as Complete and Sound Medical Treatment



Call: (215) 294-6790 for the clinic closer to you for appointment and treatment






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We are constantly looking for dedicated, and people loving clinicians as well as administrative staff who are ready to dedicate themselves to excellent patient care. We are committed to serving our patients in a courteous, and professional manner while always providing excellent patient care.


Who can apply? If you are a Physician (child and adolescent Psychiatrist), Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Nurse Practitioner, Social Worker or Registered Nurse, feel free to send your resume to or fax it to (215) 253-5305


We provide ongoing training in sound clinical documentation guarantee to meet expectations of every regulatory agency. All our clinicians goes through extensive training in how to use ClinicTools. As a healthcare facility, we take pride in the ability of our clinicians to use ClinicTools. It is no doubt a powerful, technologically advanced clinical application - one of the most innovative, efficient and extremely user friendly healthcare management platform ever developed.


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