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Medical Billing Training

The main goal of Medical Billing training program is to produce stream of well trained professionals ready to assist healthcare providers. The primary responsibility of a Medical Billing and Practice Management professional is to seek to obtain for healthcare providers the full fair financial reimbursement to which they are legally entitled for services provided to patients. The need for well trained Medical Billing Specialist is growing more than ever before.

Every Saturday beginning from Saturday May 3, 2003 MedNet Healthcare Systems will begin offering in-depth classroom training designed to equip those who are interested in becoming Medical Billing Specialist. This is an open door training program - it means you can start your training any Saturday of your choice. We are scheduled to hold two sessions on every Saturday at our office in Philadelphia. The morning session begins at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 noon. And the afternoon session begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm.  If you are already in the profession and you want to take one or two courses for personal enrichment, the cost is only $85.00 per course. However, those who are about to enter the profession for the first time are encouraged to take all six courses as outlined below:

  1. Front Office Management

  2. Fraud and Abuse

  3. HIPAA Rules

  4. Diagnosis Coding

  5. The World of Medicare

  6. Electronic/Paper Claims Filing with HCFA 1450 & 1500 including Medicaid form 319

  7. Health Care Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)

Regardless of how you choose to take the training, you will be presented with a clear understanding of:

  1. Medicare rules and regulations including front office management
  2. Medical Office Management and how to submit/transmit claims electronically.
  3. Medicare and Medicaid Billing including adequate understanding of ICD-9-CM and CPT coding through utilization of patient charts.
  4. Accurate and prompt submission of reimbursement claims to third-party payers including Medicare, Medi-cal/Medicaid, EMS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, insurance companies, workers comp, and other managed care plans. Whenever possible all claims are transmitted electronically.
  5. How to recognize fraud and abuse paying attention to accurate preparation of all claims with respect to exact patient information, and how to eliminate claims rejections due to incomplete or incorrect information.
  6. Dealing with privacy issues as well as confidentiality and patient right.
  7. Meticulous and persistent follow-through on all delinquent payments or rejected claims or downwardly adjusted payments.

Click here to register or call our office in Philadelphia at (215) 477-1238 for further information or for direction.

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