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NEW Home Health Agency Development Guide (available on CD)

New, up-to-date, Home Health Services Development Guide designed to provide you with everything you need. This guide is designed to educate and empower you, thereby prepare you for what lies ahead. Our goal here is to help you answer the following questions:

  1. What is "Business structure?"

  2. What is a home health care agency?

  3. When we talk about home care services, what are my options?

  4. What are the "Requirement for Licensure?"

  5. Is there any training for people like me (who are new to home health care)?

  6. I'm waiting for approval, is there anything I can do while waiting?

  7. What can I do to get patients?

  8. Just in case, do you have ongoing consultation services?

  9. What about management and proper documentation of services provided?

  10. After operating the business for a while and I decide that this is really too much for me to handle, what are my options?

If you are new to home health services or you are currently operating one, this new guide is for you. You will find everything you need to establish a home health agency services that can last a long time. Information on the new guide include the following:

  1. Home Health Agency Administration Training (how to do it right)
  2. Understand Medicare and Medicaid (knowledge is power)
  3. OASIS Instrument Training
  4. Software to help you adequately record OASIS information
  5. Software to help you calculate (how much you would be paid per patient) reimbursement rate per patient.
  6. HIPAA Training
  7. Training on how to bill for Home Health Agency Services Rendered
  8. Conditions of Participation (a step by step approach)
  9. Supplemental Staffing Marketing Kit (additional services you can provide)
  10. Home Health Agency Marketing Kit (include other services available to Home Health Agencies)
  11. Explanation of Personal Care & Waiver Program
  12. Minute of Meetings**
    • Board of Director
    • Professional Advisory Committee
  13. Complete Home Health Agency Forms
  14. Complete Personal Care/Waiver Program Forms
  15. One hour of pre-survey consultation (by phone) to help you coordinate requirements.**

**To be included in your licensing package once you order the Medicare/Medicaid certification package.
**Available only to those who purchase this guide.

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