Non-Profit Outpatient Clinic

A 501(C) (3) Approved Facility


Providing Mental Health/Behavioral Health as well as Complete and Sound Medical Treatment



Call: (215) 294-6790 for the clinic closer to you for appointment and treatment






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Contact Us


Here is how you can reach us:

For referrals or to schedule an appointment:
Call (215) 294-6790 for appointment or download referral form and fax to (215) 253-5305, or email your referral to:

Job Opportunity:
Psychotherapist, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist, email your resume to the attention of the Director of Compliance & HR at: 

Send your complaints to the Director of Compliance & HR at:  or fax to (215) 253-5305

To reach a Psychiatrist:
Send your message to the office of the Executive Director at

General Information:
Send your message to:



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