Non-Profit Outpatient Clinic

A 501(C) (3) Approved Facility


Providing Mental Health/Behavioral Health as well as Complete and Sound Medical Treatment



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Our clinical staff consist of highly trained, experienced and dedicated Psychiatrists (Medical Doctors), Psychologists (Doctoral level) Master level clinicians with degrees in clinical psychology, counseling, social work and different mental health related disciplines.


Our outstanding management team represent one of the best in the business - providing clinically sound guideline every step of the way. Our commitment to what is legally acceptable, ethically prudent and sound policy is worthy of emulation.


Our clinical documentation infrastructure is built on the new and improved ClinicTools®. Physicians can send error free prescription slips including test request electronically to Pharmacies, Lab and Diagnostic Centers. ClinicTools® started out as simply an electronic medical record platform for healthcare providers. It has since grown as the leading integrated healthcare management system with an outstanding platform for every healthcare professional and facility to run successful clinic, practice or healthcare business. We are indeed proud to be one of the clinics using this incredible platform to produce sound clinical documentation. 

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