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 Open Letter to all Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Medical Centers, Hospitals etc.

Attn. Facility Staffing Coordinator, Director of Nursing, or Administrator:

MedNet Healthcare Systems is pleased to announce one of the most cost effective and cost efficient temporary staffing programs ever. Our program allows you to pick the rate convenient for you out of the three choices currently available. The rate you picked is guarantee to stay the same throughout the duration of your contract with MedNet. Feel free to pick one of the following rates: □ $12.95, □ $14.50 or □ $16.50 per Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide hour. After that, you will sign our simple open-ended agreement with no commitment and no exclusive right whatsoever.

However, the only commitment is for us (MedNet Healthcare Systems) to provide you with well trained, certified, experienced and dependable temporary employees who will assist you in providing quality care.

We guarantee dependability of our temporary staff and consistency of the rate you chose for as long as your agreement with MedNet Healthcare Systems is in good standing regardless of where you are located.

For immediate setup feel free to contact us at (215) 474-4410 or click here to register now and start enjoying our services. When we receive your completed registration form, one of our representatives in your area will call to assist you with regard to the setup requirements.

We are MedNet Healthcare Systems, revolutionizing healthcare services one facility at a time. Register to receive our newsletter



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