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Welcome to MedNet Healthcare Systems - provider of Outpatient Psychiatry, Home Health Care as well as Consulting Services

Get to know us - who we are and what we are all about.

Welcome to the home of MedNet Healthcare Systems. We are a healthcare provider. We believe in quality, compassionate, cost effective and patient centered, result oriented and culturally sensitive care in a variety of settings. Based on this philosophy, we embarks on a mission to offer the following services.

  1. Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (primary business)
  2. Home Health Care
  3. Supplemental Staffing
  4. Consulting and Training

MedNet Healthcare Systems is committed to delivering exemplary, comprehensive, quality health care while paying attention to the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of all our patients and their loved ones.

We are extremely proud of our staff and the Chairman & CEO of MHS, Dr. Henry Balogun's ability to provide sound management, in-depth knowledge, and compassionate services. Try MHS and we are quite sure you too would be proud of our services and the involvement of our personnel. Click here to learn more  about positions currently available at MedNet Healthcare Systems.

If you have a group (organizational or Church group) or association and you want Dr. Balogun to come and talk to you about the benefit of owing your own business, do not hesitate to contact him immediately.


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